What Does Education Mean in Greek?

Greek organizations have something called new member education which is unique to fraternities and sororities.  The end of new member education is right around the corner for many organizations.  The end of the education process means that associates are about to be full-fledged active members.  

The education period is a crucial time for many members.  It gives a new associate the opportunity to decide whether the sorority they have joined is right for her and learn about what it means to be a member.

Stephanie Musch, Delta Phi Epsilon Vice President of Membership Development, says “I think that an education process is important for a

Delta Phi Epsilon Positions

sorority to understand where we came from and to appreciate where we are. It is important because this is where you really find out what is all involved with being in a sorority.”  Delta Phi Epsilon has a six week long education period where they learn about what the sorority does and what position they might like.
The associate also has the option of not continuing at any point in this process with no ties back to the organization.  If an active member decides she does not want to be in the sorority anymore she becomes either an alum or disassociated from the sorority.

“It is important because this is where you really find out what is all involved with being in a sorority”

In Sigma Delta Rho, a local sorority at UWSP, new members are taught how to implement the values that they took an oath to in their daily lives.   Shabranda Bronson, Sigma Delta Rho’s Recruitment Specialist, says “I think sororities do the education process so these new members aren’t entering organizations that they know nothing about. This process is sort of a period of reflection where the potentials can learn about these organizations and figure out if it’s what’s right for them.”

In most organizations on campuses, if students sign up and come to meetings they are considered members.  Fraternities and sororities have their members do an education process so that they have members who understand the organization and will uphold the values long past graduation.


Inter Greek Council’s Guide to Joining a Greek Organization



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